What is PeterFarm?

PeterFarm is a yield farming protocol with an integration of NFT farming. PeterFarm, which is newly introduced by utilizing the experience of operating multiple DeFi projects, provides users with opportunities to generate revenue in various ways. It optimizes the money flow of internal and external funds within the project by encouraging new inflows using marketing as a strength while creating a virtuous cycle within the protocol with token inflation balancing acquired through various operational know-how and various token uses.

Relationship with Neverland

PeterFarm and Neverland are in a symbiotic relationship that positively leverages the characteristics of each protocol. The PFP Level NFT and Pirate Ship NFT issued by Neverland are available in PeterFarm for different uses. In addition, the existence of HOOK LP and wCLOCK pools in PeterFarm causes deflation and holding effects on HOOK tokens.
Last modified 7mo ago